About Us

The idea for Coachya was inspired by a clear need to improve upon existing methods commonly used to coach and manage athletes and teams (emails, excel forms, messaging forums, manual billing, etc.).

Coachya’s easy-to-use web application enables endurance and fitness coaches (running, swimming, bike, triathlon and gym) to effectively manage their teams and athletes in a more organized, professional and practical manner. Coachya is also designed to recruit new athletes and reduce athlete churn.

Ideal for both novice and experienced coaches, Coachya’s innovative features increase athlete and team workout planning efficiency, simplify training and streamline billing and administration processes. In addition, the ‘Team Feed’ ensures that athletes and teams are motivating each other by enabling them to upload regular workout posts, pictures, messages to their teammates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Coachya, please get in touch by email: info@coachya.com
We’re quick to respond and look forward to hearing from you!