Create workouts and training plans in minutes!

Whether you're a coach for a team or a few private athletes, we've made it incredibly easy for you to design workouts and create custom training plans.

Workout Library

Create custom workouts and build a library of workouts that you can use repeatedly. Workouts can be organized by type (run, bike, gym etc) or by tag. And just click on an existing workout to edit!

Training Plans

Using a calendar in either a week or multiple week view, simply “drag & drop” workouts from your workout library into the calendar to start building a plan. Let your assistant coaches create plans and you can publish them after they've been reviewed.

"Coachya has made it so much easier to manage my triathlon teams and private athletes by handling all my training plans and schedules."
Nir Richman, Triathalon Coach

Logging Workouts

Athletes can log their workouts using our intuitive interface. Just click on the day and record your workout. You can also sync Garmin and RunKeeper with Coachya to automatically record your workouts.

Athlete Progress

Whether you’re a coach for one athlete or multiple teams, Coachya’s simple interface allows you to monitor athlete progress using logs, graphs, and easy to read statistics. Compare prescribed vs actual workout in a calendar view or graph.

Your teams in one place

Choose the right training tool for your teams.

Build a team page which you can keep privately for your team, or make it public to recruit more athletes. Team pages can be customized with a team logo, team roster, and team feed.

Training Plans

Assign a training plan for the entire team. Further customize a plan for certain athletes based on their progress or individual needs.

Team Feed

Give your athletes a place to post workouts, photos, share race results, and motivate each other. A news feed designed for your team.

Assistant Coaches

A team can be assigned assistant coaches and admins. Ask your assistant coaches to write a training plan and review it before it gets published to the team.

"Coachya is intuitive and easy to use. I can quickly create and share training plans with my team and private athletes, and my athletes easily log their workouts. Moreover, the communication between my athletes and me is much simpler now, using Coachya’s private messages."
Gil Traugott, Triathalon Coach

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